Our hotel is 12 km away from Side, one of the most famous tourism centers, 55 km away from Antalya Airport and 60 km away from city centre. Crystal Palace Luxury Resort & Spa has a warm atmosphere with its outstanding architecture and lays Side’s unique landscape in front of your eyes with its sandy beach.

Crystal Palace offers you the opportunity for a joyful and elite holiday, which you can spend in delight and peace where unlimited comfort comes together with mesmerizing palace architecture. You too can enjoy this distinctive privilege, which would make you feel like King and Queen.

Based on 2014 ratings Crystal Palace has been awarded by Zoover, Top Hotels Partner, Its Red Star Awards and Holiday Check and it owns Green Star, Green Key and Blue Flag prizes. It also earned TUI Top Quality award and took “The Best 100 Hotels” award from Egypt’s Luxor city, brought it to Antalya and has been chosen by Ministry of Culture and Tourism to be given the “Eco-friendly Facility” award.