Cappadocia is a melody that has been composed by rain and wind, history and geography. With its Fairy chimneys, underground cities and valleys it is nature’s unique gift to us. As if all the centuries that passed while days chase after nights and summers turn into winters, are frozen in this place. Crystal Kaymaklı is a facility, which perched itself silently to this endless time ocean. Our hotel is located on Nevşehir’s Cappadocia region and it offer you the chance to explore Kaymaklı Underground City, which is 2 minutes away from our hotel.

Our hotel is in the Kaymaklı town centre and 40 km away from Nevşehir (Tuzköy) Airport and 90 km away from Kayseri Airport. By car, you can reach Nevşehir city centre and all touristic sites in 15 minutes.