Pedasa Ancient City

Pedasa is 4 km away from Bodrum. This city is especially famous for its tombs and one of the most well-preserved cities of its time. Oh and, before we forget, it is called “Gökçeler” by the locals.

Apostol Church

This church’s history goes back to 2nd Century BC and it is located on Rabbit Island, which can be reached by boat after 15 minutes from Gündoğan region. It has several historic ruins and their ages differ between 6th Century and 12th Century BC.

Bodrum Ancient Theatre

The construction date of this theatre is still unknown but it is certain that in Roman Era it went under restoration. It carries the specialty of being a still-active building which is used for different organizations, concerts mostly.

Halicarnassus Mausoleum

Halicarnassus Mausoleum has been built for King Mausollos, by his wife and daughter. The mausoleum is among World’s Seven Wonders now serves as an open-air museum. As a side note, considerable amount of mausoleum’s ruins used in the construction of Bodrum Tower during Crusades.

Bodrum Tower / Underwater Archaeology Museum

The tower has been built in 1402 by Rhodes Knights who conquered Bodrum and still preserves its originality. Moreover, the Underwater Archaeology Museum beneath the tower has the specialty of being a rare spot with remnants and ruins it harbours.

Bays of Bodrum

Among Aegean’s peaceful beaches, Bodrum’s bays perhaps are the most famous ones. Every year, thousands of people find the opportunity to enjoy and relax at these bays. Bardakçı, Bağla and Aspat bays are especially deserving of the attention.

Bars Street

This street keeps Bodrum’s nightlife alive and offers its visitors the chance to collect unforgettable and unique memories. In the day, Bodrum provides you with some quality time with its deep-blue waters and in the night, serves you with full-of-entertainment moments.

Yacht Tours

In Kemer, there are several yacht tours which allows you to visit area’s popular bays like Aquarium Bay, Rabbit Cape and Meteor Pit. These tours are one-day and ideal for people who love blue voyages.

Aegean Cuisine Restaurants

Flavour spots that make you experience delicious dishes belong to Aegean region are waiting for you. You can try region’s most famous recipes in these restaurants and breathe in sea-scented air of the Aegean while enjoying cuisine’s beauties.