We Are Waiting For Safe Crystal Holidays

  • Saturday, May 23, 2020
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Our hotels will open their doors to their guests soon. This year, we all have a lot of questions to plan for a vacation. We have stated in Crystal Hotels Blog that we will have very different holiday selection criteria from now on. Our previous blog topic was “We Will Search for Reliable Hotels for Holidays This Year”. We presented our document titled “COVID-19 Health and Hygiene Practices” and all our precautions with transparency on all websites for the Kilit Hospitality Group hotels. If you haven't read our blog post, please read to raise awareness for a safe holiday.

This week, we wanted to tell you about the additional importance and detailed predictive preparations in the Kilit Hospitality Group brands: Crystal Hotels, Nirvana Hotels and Amara World Hotels. First of all, we would like to state that; Providing hotel management and quality holiday services will change radically with this process. Our Group's Quality and Audit department has meticulously taken precautions to the possible situations that may occur in our hotels for its guests for many years. Quality standards have been developed to ensure hygiene in hotels before such a special process takes place. These standards have been carefully maintained by the Quality and Audit Departement.

As Kilit Hospitality Group, we believe that by taking additional precautions in the name of tourism in our country, we will clearly reveal our difference for the concept of hotel management and safe holidays this year. In addition to the information booklet placed on our websites and we present our applications that will take place this year, “PANDEMIC DISEASE (COVID 19) ADDITIONAL MEASURES GUIDE HANDBOOK” was created. The content of this guide handbook prepared by the Quality and Audit Departement has been carefully and meticulously created. It is an emergency manual prepared in addition to the existing processes and instructions for the control of epidemics. The information has been prepared by considering the opinions and suggestions of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

This summer, all hotels are obliged to take the measures required by the Ministry of Health, and individuals will be more conscious in their holiday choices. However, as Kilit Hospitality Group, we have prepared very detailed   precautions and the progress of the process in a healthy way in addition to the compulsory measures to be taken. Due to the epidemic, we have planned the strategies suitable for our search for a safe area, to the finest detail on behalf of both you and our employees.

In the hotels we will choose, how will the process be managed, if hygiene and reliable food search, possible case situation, detection, and such a thing happen? In case of a possible and definite illness, the cleanliness of the room, the control of the case ... Will there be a mask use during the holiday? How is it going to be? The commitments we will make in order to receive services, just like the hairdressers that are getting service, are our most important titles. Even though our entire focus is on this process and being protected in an indefinite and sensitive period with the pandemic, the choice of a safe holiday always requires awareness and cautions. Because it is important to choose a hotel that has taken occupational safety precautions in real terms for possible accidents! For all these, our  departments take responsibility and all our employees are trained. Pandemic Board was created in each hotel, the process will be controlled with extra precision. While you are looking for a safe hotel for the holiday, we should be conscious and prefer the hotels that transparently share the measures with us.

The health of you and our employees is very important to us.

Have a holiday every day!


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