The World of Healing and Plants Passed Over Centuries Ago

  • Friday, November 20, 2020
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In this week's blog, we will take you to a special area in Nirvana Cosmopolitan, the new hotel of Kilit Hospitality Group and the new excitement of the city in Antalya. Our hotel Nirvana Cosmopolitan is well beyond the category of a city hotel. It has many privileged concepts that exceed standard accommodation services. From the moment you enter the borders of hotel which is located in city, Lara Beach , you can experience an isolated experience from all city life. 

All of its privileged concepts are different from each other, and this week, we will talk about some of the special concepts it offers . We will take you to the concept we want to make the main theme of this article, where we especially want to talk about. The privileged service concept of our Nirvana ME (Mediterranean Excellence) hotel has been carefully integrated into Nirvana Cosmopolitan, which is located in the city as accommodation and concept. We have articles that may be useful for you in our blog archive. There are many historical places and attractions that you can discover during your stay in Antalya. Our Hotel Nirvana Cosmopolitan actually offers sophisticated concepts with Cosmos City & Performance Hall. Choosing an all-inclusive holiday and accommodation is now the choice of most of us. By this system, the Nirvana brand, both in ME (Mediterranean Excellence) and Cosmopolitan hotel offers privileges like L&H "Local & Healthy Ultra All Inclusive". In the food presentations, you can see the information of which region it belongs to and the information of it’s lands where it grows. We are now looking for gluten-free foods as a lifestyle, a dietary choice, not just necessarily. You can find food and bread that meet this need, again at the hotel. The fact that natural and local products are grown especially in their own regions makes these products more beneficial with the mineral value of the soil in the region. The process of cooking the product until it reaches the table is as important as offering natural products. Therefore, special cooking methods are applied in this concept. As in our other hotels, Nirvana Cosmopolitan also has many a la carte restaurants from world cuisines. Moreover, each restaurant has a decor that reflects the cuisine it represents. Regardless of whether your stay is on holiday or business trip, if the tastes of the hotel and cuisine are important to you, you will find this hotel stunning. In this article, we would like to inform you that the hotel has Starbucks in full concept. A favorite brand and an advantageous option for many coffee lovers. If you are one of those who say never without coffee, good news for you. The miraculous effect of coffee beans reaches us by harvesting, roasting and grinding from far away from the land where it is grown. Like the healing that exists in many things in nature, coffee has an refreshing healing. This is an energizing healing. It comes to us from many different regions that are suitable for growing coffee. After reporting that the healing of coffee comes from nature and soil, we took you to our special concept that we mentioned at the beginning. This is Flower House. In the garden of the hotel, it is a fascinating area where we see special plants in a showcase area. You can also taste your special presentation herbal teas in the enchanting and relaxing area of ​​Flower House. Again, we would like to briefly mention the first discovery of coffee, as we have included in our blog archive. Different stories take place in the first discovery of coffee. Khaldi's goats are the most sympathetic to us, but did you know that the locals in Ethiopia ate the coffee fruit puree when they first discovered it? The roasting and brewing journey was developed later. In summary, our ancestors made efforts to discover the medicinal plants of nature and to consume them. Plants that exist in nature, edible and non-edible, have been transferred by consumption methods for centuries. In 20th century, those of us who are detached from nature and embraced metropolitan life are now back to nature, natural and healing with plants. Yes, there are many miraculous plants those nature has to offer us. It is also important to consume after researching the amount and method of consumption. It is very exciting to search for the healing and the world of plants that our ancestors have passed on to us through trial and error for centuries.

Stay tuned on the blog for Cosmopolitan, our hotel with more features than we can fit in a blog post! You can find all information about our hotels on our website. You can easily access any date and hotel price information via the reservation module. In addition to all these, we have "Holiday Assistants" that provide one-on-one service to you. They are just a phone call away to plan your special requests and surprise organizations. You can plan a perfect holiday by calling 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00 for special offers in 2021 at Kilit Hospitality Group hotels .

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