The new excitement of the city; Nirvana Cosmopolitan

  • Friday, March 13, 2020
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We would like to introduce to you the new excitement of the city, Nirvana Cosmopolitan, which is included in Kilit Hospitality Group on the blog this week. Located in the city, Nirvana Cosmopolitan will offer a privileged experience in “Nirvana” standards with its innovative and impressive concepts. Having a special experience in time, getting privileged service and realizing these moments in a stylish hotel is the dream of all of us in search of holidays.

Nirvana Cosmopolitan is located on Lara Beach, one of the most special beaches of the Mediterranean. Choosing Nirvana Cosmopolitan while planning a holiday for Antalya will offer you a holiday experience independent of the city. During your holiday, you can explore the historical textures and attractions that exist in Antalya with easy transportation. While hosting congresses, we will be able to see artistic organizations in this hotel. One of its important features is that it has special football fields and water sports fields. With the advantage of being a city hotel, the facility will attract attention with its fairytale wedding ceremonies.

A hotel with L&H Ultra All Inclusive Concept

We now see all-inclusive, ultra-all-inclusive concepts for many hotels. Nowadays, sensitivity on nutrition and food is gradually increasing. As with Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence, Nirvana Cosmopolitan also has the L&H (Local & Healthy) Concept, namely the “Local & Healthy Ultra All Inclusive” concept. All food is served by choosing from its original region. During the presentations, you can see the regions of the food on the labels. In the buffets, there are also special breads, which have a special diet and are now increasingly gluten free. We know that one of the important things for families on vacation is the nutrition choices of children, especially babies. We serve healthy natural products to our guests in this concept. The beverages offered are prepared with natural and local ingredients. Oven tastes prepared with special cooking methods instead of trans oils are also waiting for you.

How does “Starbucks” sound inside the hotel?

In all our hotels, we have created special concepts for traditional Turkish Coffee, we have always cared about coffee lovers. "Starbucks", a brand loved by coffee lovers, has taken its place in Nirvana Cosmopolitan. Moreover, it will be at the service of the guests not only as a corner but also from 10.00 am to 24.00 pm in a wide area with its entire concept. "So how will it be in the ultra all inclusive system, is it paid?" you might ask. 2 coffee per day limited. After a great breakfast, you can enjoy your coffee. We leave “Cool Lime”, one of the most favorite drinks of the summer period, as a recommendation.

A hotel that is too special for a blog post. Stay tuned for innovations and other articles from Nirvana Cosmopolitan, the new excitement of the city. You can find all the information about our hotels on our website. You can easily access the date and the price information of the hotel via the reservation module. In addition to all these, we have “Holiday Assistants” that give you one-to-one service. They are a phone call away to plan your special requests, requests and surprises, if any. You can plan a perfect holiday by calling 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00 for special opportunities for 2020 at Kilit Hospitality Group hotels. 

Let every day be a holiday!




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