Risk-takers and those who do not take risks for vacation in 2020

  • Monday, December 07, 2020
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2020 has been a year that most of us will not forget. We have reached December and we are waiting for 2021. On the one hand, we are curious and on the other hand hopeful. This period has created deviations for our plans, dreams and many of our routines. We also rethought most things. We became more detailed in our decisions. During this time, we placed special articles on our blog site. Check out our blog archive, please!

Holiday, for all of us it was an escape from the bustling city life; relaxing, refreshing and motivation. Some of us had our holidays in safe hotels within the framework of the measures taken, while some of us saw it as a risk and did not go on vacation. In 2021, we think about the color of the holiday. Maybe you have been one of the people who postponed their vacation to 2021 . As Kilit Hospitality Group , we are sensitive and full of hope for this ongoing process. In all our hotels that we opened in the 2020 season, with a management higher than the safe hotel standard features ,with our employees, we completed a successful season in cooperation with our guests. There were compulsory measures to be taken in the certification system, which is mandatory for safe holiday and safe hotel. In addition to these necessary and compulsory precautions, we took such special precautions … We presented the additional precautions we took to our guests with all transparency and meticulously continued our measures throughout the season. Through all the social media accounts of our hotels , we saw that our guests captured the holiday motivation as if they were no different from previous years . In 2020, indecision for a holiday and the search for a safe environment were on the agenda of almost everyone. It was like taking risks on vacation this year. For our guests, it was "fortunately we took a risk and did not postpone our vacation".

Our Quality and Management Team has formed the structure of a flawless operation. We completed an exemplary season with the measures taken in addition to the Safe Tourism Certificate standards of our hotels with external audits. We think that 2020, when everything is sensitive, will be reflected in the ongoing seasons . We are hopeful for the future with a more conscious service understanding and more conscious guests . Would you like to continue the coming winter season in your homes calmly and perhaps with more restrictions and dream of beautiful things for the spring months ? We are ready to offer you options on our social media accounts, to write new topics on the blog , to inform you about good advantages and early booking opportunities ☺ We will tell you about delicous suggestions for New Year's tables, activities that can be done at home, holiday choices for 2021 year.

We will continue to create a different topic and route to our readers of Crystal Hotels Blog and Kilit Hospitality Group guests every week, and you might want to check out our blog archive. We have many articles that we have prepared with care. You can get "Holiday Assistance" service and special support from 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00 to be at the safe holiday offering hotel that you dream of, in 2021.

Let your every day be like a holiday .


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