Planning a Holiday for Special Days and Surprises

  • Monday, March 09, 2020
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This week, we have prepared you the article "Planning a holiday for special occasions and surprises" on the blog. With the arrival of March, the weather is getting warmer, spring is coming slowly. The seas will get warmer.

Some dates are special for all of us. We would like to relive those dates in the most special way. Most of us would like to have a holiday program for special occasions or surprises. With a good research, we can plan those dates in the most beautiful way. These special dates are; maybe a honeymoon. Birthday, wedding anniversary or a surprise marriage proposal. You can even create a special start date for yourself. We can go on vacation to reward ourselves as well. If you have the idea of ​​planning a holiday these days and want to plan this holiday for a special day, we will have great suggestions for you. If you have the idea of ​​planning a holiday these days and want to plan this holiday for a special day, we will have great suggestions for you. First of all, if this is a honeymoon holiday, we want you to know that; In all hotels, honeymoon couples are hosted as the most special guest. Many privileges are offered to couples. If you are planning a honeymoon vacation, we understand that you want it to be the most special hotel. Some moments remain in our memory for life. Along with the suggestions in this article, we recommend that you read our special honeymoon articles on our blog site from the archive. Honeymoon couples are always welcomed privileged at Kilit Hospitality Group hotels. VIP check-in. The room is specially decorated for honeymoon couples. Sparkling wine and chocolate is served to your room. You can book a special A la carte restaurant on the evening of any day you wish. Your table is decorated specially and special treats are made. According to the availability of the hotel in those days, the holiday you receive from the standard room is increased to the standard of the suite. A special breakfast is served to your room. If there are events that correspond to your stay, you will also be given a privilege. Depending on availability, you can use your free lodge or pavillion on the hotel's beach. If your holiday plan is your wedding anniversary, you will be offered privileges that will make you feel special. A specially prepared table, sparkling wine and cake with your celebration card are offered at the a la carte restaurant. A celebration card, wine and fruit plate is also offered on birthdays from another important day. An invitation is sent to a la carte restaurant and celebrated with cake presentation, music suitable for the concept and other surprises on birthdays. if the child has a birthday, the appropriate gift for the child is sent by the hotel management with a special written note. The child's chair is decorated with balloons. Apart from all these, if you want to organize a surprise organization while you are at the hotel, you can discuss the details with the holiday assistant while making your holiday plan. You can learn all the details, paid and free services for your surprise.

You can experience great memories for your special days in all hotels of Kilit Hospitality Group. Don't miss the early booking opportunities in 2020! Our website will provide you with access to all information about hotels through annotated texts at You can easily access the price information by choosing the dates and hotels you want on the reservation module. In addition to all these, we have employees who provide you with “Holiday Assistant” service. For exclusive opportunities for 2020 at Kilit Hospitality Group hotels; You can reach the "Holiday Assistant" service at 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00 and plan a perfect holiday with our assistants.

Let every day be a holiday!


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