Making a deal with ourselves on vacation

  • Monday, October 26, 2020
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As we reported in the finale of our previous blog post, this week we said that we will talk about mindfulness, conscious awareness, staying in the moment, and the power of the present. These are concepts that fewer people used to speak before, but we heard louder as of 2020. If we can adapt these concepts, which are wonderful keys in life, on vacation, you can spend your 3-5-7 or 10-day vacation as if it were longer and more meaningful. Who can say no to that?

We all want time to stop sometimes, but unfortunately time does not stop.We want this especially on holiday. We want the holiday never to end. It starts and ends on vacation, as this is not possible in any cycle in life. But this time, we can experience an awareness in time by staying in more time with small trials on the holiday we will go. Isn't it worth a try? While going on vacation, we will try to explain the terms of the agreement that you can make with yourself by making it fun, without complying with a pattern.  First of all, let's try to define the definition of mindfulness in the most memorable way as follows. If the holiday in question; I'll feel only the water from the sea into the sea, the food will taste just like having dinner and I'll just focus on the food.So in summary, this is just focusing on what we do over time. First of all, it seems beneficial to prepare mentally, in other words, mentally. In this case, the agreements we can make with ourselves while going on vacation can be as follows;

-I will only take myself on vacation

- I will not enter the door of the hotel with business, future plans, stress factors, compelling emotions and thoughts.

- I will use all my senses effectively during my vacation.

- I will see, touch, taste, smell and hear with awareness.

-I will notice and stop thinking when external thoughts that cause me to leave on vacation come to my mind.

-I will stay away from the phone if possible. Rule of once a day check can be useful.


We have tried to adapt all these for the holiday while we are writing now, but you can also personally add some agreement clauses and prepare for a consciously mindful holiday before you go on vacation. This understanding, which seems easy to look at and is possible with practice, has been expressed by many philosophers in different ways for thousands of years. Applying this awareness on vacation and in our life will definitely benefit. Time seems a little faster now in our age. Conscious awareness allows us to slow down the time we are in, in other words to expand it in a way. How about this method worth trying? While the weather is still hot in the Mediterranean, maybe this time you can plan a holiday with awareness. This time, you can make a deal with yourself and try these methods without going on vacation. As soon as you enter the door of the hotel for vacation, you can reward yourself and leave out everything about your life. Everything will be waiting for you again when the holiday is over, somehow.


We all deserve a great vacation. In the decision-making process, we have employees who provide one-to-one holiday assistance services. They are just a phone call away to plan your special requests and for any surprise organizations. For 2020 opportunities in Kilit Hospitality Group hotels; You can reach the special call center service by 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00 and plan a perfect holiday with our consultants.   


          Let your every day be like a holiday


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