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  • Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Safe hotel, safe holiday concepts are the topics we talk about among these days, but we try to find the answer to this question . How can we have a safe holiday?

Which hotels are safe?

As of July, we want to go on holiday immediately or plan a vacation for the coming days.

As we wrote in our previous blog posts, we miss nature, we have been at home for a long time. We need to move away from the environments we all live in and experience a renewal with the holiday we will experience.

You can see a lot of information - specific articles in this blog archive . During this period, another important condition required accuracy of the information .

Please be inquisitive about the correctness of the information while doing your research.Making a safe holiday choice is very sensitive in this period.

Where can we find the safe holiday we are looking for and the hotel where we will feel safe? With this article, we wanted to examine important details together.

First of all, tourism facilities started to open in mid-June . There were many measures required by the Ministry of Health for hotels. These measures are not taken from the hotels could not be operated.

In those days, as Kilit Hospitality Group, we announced the measures we took in addition to these mandatory measures. We have placed our precautions in documents on the Crystal Hotels, Nirvana Hotels, Amara World Hotels websites of all our hotel brands belonging to our group .

We shared many of the measures taken in addition to the measures required by the Kilit Hospitality Group Quality Supervision and Management Teams with transparency. In the process, we both share the new precautions we have taken and the experiences of our guests who have a safe holiday in our hotels with our social media accounts. In this case where the agenda is hygiene ,we have questioned how and with what items the hygiene needed is provided.

We tried to raise awareness of our readers on this subject. We underlined that the health of both our guests and employees is important by disinfection with ozone in our hotels. Last week, we shared the details of the “Safe Tourism Certificate”, which is a new concept for both hotel management and individuals, with a separate blog post .

Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism along with inspection and certification carried hotels are  with this particular document. You can see all the details in our blog post published last week .

When choosing a hotel for the holiday, a new selection criterion has been created for us. Does the hotel we want to book holiday have a Safe Tourism Certificate? All our hotels that we have opened now have Safe Tourism Certificate. It was entitled to receive this document by passing all the audits. The notes of the audit carried out are shared with the public.


When we look at this process from a broad perspective, we must take precautions on behalf of the whole world, starting from an individual for a safe life or a safe holiday. We must comply with the measures taken together.

The precautions we take individually before coming to the hotel, such as taking the necessary precautions during the transportation to the hotel, and following the precautions taken during our stay at the hotel . Together, our individual responsibility is of great importance in order to pass this process in a healthy way .

As Kilit Hospitality Group, our priority is to provide a safe and comfortable service to our guests in our hotels. If you are visiting our blog site for the first time with this article, we recommend you to read our article “We Will Search for Reliable Hotels for Holidays This Year”.  Download and examine the document "COVID-19 Health and Hygiene Practices" on all websites created by the Kilit Hospitality Group hotels. In addition to the information booklet placed on our internet sites for our guests, we present our applications that will take place this year.

The content of this guide handbook prepared by the Quality and Audit Directorate has been carefully and meticulously prepared. It is offered to guests. With CRYSTAL HOTELS COVID-19 APPLICATIONS, the guests who come to the hotel are also informed. You can click on the link and watch the video:

In the hotels that we find safe and where we will choose, the search for hygiene and reliable food, possible case status, detection, how will the process be managed if such a thing happens? Cleaning of the room in case of possible and definite illness, control of the case. You will find the answers to all these questions in this special booklet.

While the use of masks, which is one of the most important items of the process, is also included in this special handbook, we would like to draw attention in this article. Although the idea of ​​using a mask on holiday bothers us, it is of great importance in the hotel or in the environments where we are in common areas . We know that you are aware of this. The special agenda of the World Health Organization is still the right mask for the process.

So what is the proper mask usage?

-It is very important that we wash and disinfect your hands before touching the mask.

-We make sure the mask is intact, know that the top of the mask is the part with metal strip, and make sure we wear the right side.

- By placing your mask on our face, we shape the metal part according to your nose. Pulling down on the underside of the mask to close your mouth and chin

-We close the mask with your hand and check for air leaks by breathing.

-We never touch your mask with dirty hands while working with mask.

- Throwing your disposable masks in the waste bin designated for the mask after use.

- We keep our reusable masks according to the instructions for use. We pay attention to the expiration date. After touching the mask or throwing it in the waste box, we must wash your hands and disinfect .

All of these have great importance. As we mentioned in the blog posts we have prepared for you ,to provide hotel management and quality holiday services will change radically with this process. Now we all need reliable areas, we want to choose safe hotels for a safe holiday.

Kilit Hospitality Group's Quality and Audit department has meticulously taken precautions for the possible situations that may occur in our hotels for its guests for many years before such a special process is experienced. Before this period of Covid-19 , many preventive quality standards have been developed in order to ensure hygiene in hotels . In this period, many strategies were developed by taking extra sensitive measures. All this effort is for both our guests and our employees who serve our guests.

Choosing a safe holiday actually requires awareness and awareness from the very beginning . In the hotels , many measures are taken for occupational safety measures not only for viruses or possible infectious diseases, but also for possible accidents . While we are choosing a holiday, we have to be conscious in many different ways.

Our employees, who have been made conscious of any possible situation up to this year, have participated in serious and intensive training especially for this period. Our hotel management Hotel Pandemic Board create the process under control with extra precision is max . While you are looking for a safe hotel for the holiday, we should be conscious and prefer the hotels that share the measures taken with us transparently. The health of our employees and our employees are very important to us.

We will continue to offer differnt topics and routes every week to our Crystal Hotels Blog readers and Kilit Hospitality Group guests. If you are looking for a hotel for a safe holiday this year, you can get “Holiday Assistantship” service and special support at 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00.

May your day be healthy and holiday.



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