Holiday with Food Awareness

  • Monday, February 24, 2020
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Awareness of the foods we consume is increasing day by day. In addition to being selective about the food we bought, we may have doubts about the food offered to us in the restaurants and cafe’s we visit, and we need reliability in this regard.

We are now a society of individuals who are becoming more and more conscious about reading the labels of packaged content.

We are even more selective when it comes to children. For individuals who spend the flow of life with this sensitivity and awareness, food reliability is even more sensitive in choosing a holiday. Are the food offered to us in the hotel where we spend a certain period of time reliable?

This week we want to cover this topic on the blog.

The restaurant’s, the room service’s, and the hygiene of the hotel you choose for your holiday is important. A hotel where you feel uncomfortable about its food and anxious about its reliability may disappoint you.

You surely prefer organic vegetables and fruits, you are looking for animal products that grown in their natural environment. Today, there is also an increasingly “gluten-free diet preference”. Gluten-free nutrition, which is a form of compulsory diet of Celiac patients in the past years, has become the special choice of many people. If requested our hotels offers a Gluten-Free diet.

Our hotels meat are very known, as you go through the comments of our previous guests for Key Hospitality Group hotels, you can see that in many reviews it was stated that "their meat was very delicious".

Since 2010, KHG has its own "Key Meat Farm" in Dereli Village in Antalya, where cattle breeding and milk production activities are carried out. These productions are sent to all Kilit Hospitality Group hotels in the most careful way. The flavor of meat is directly related to the cultivation of animals in their natural environment, the food they consume and the area where they can be grazed. It is a cycle. While this is the case with animal foods, the soil in which vegetables and fruits are grown, natural rain, and many equations. The mineral richness that comes from the soil passes to us through food. Experts now point out that our second brain is our intestines and point out that there is a connection between the brain and the intestine. In this case, the foods we consume are very important not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. In fact, life demands balance in many areas. For this reason, it is called balanced nutrition. In this case, the following statement contains a lot of awareness; "Everything is poison,only the dose." In recent years, “L&H Ultra All Inclusive Concept” has been offered as a more special concept in some of our hotels. Local and healthy foods. While serving food in this concept, you can take these foods with you when returning from vacation. The products selected for the concept are selected and presented mainly by adhering to the original local area. Local presentations are indicated with labels in presentations (such as Kars cheddar, Afyon cream). Gluten-free bread production and healthy wheat dough products are offered. Healthy and unpackaged natural products are used in children and baby buffets. Ayran, milk, kefir, boza, lemonade, turnip juice, natural fruit and vegetable juices, which are among the healthy beverages group, are prioritized in the presentations.

Frying products are not offered with a refined trans fat content. Healthy cooking methods are prioritized in food production throughout the facility.

If you have a high food awareness, you can check our website to discover our hotels that offer “L&H Ultra All Inclusive Concept”. To catch the special opportunities for 2020 early in Kilit Hospitality Group hotels; You can call 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00 and get the “Holiday Assistant” service.


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