First Holiday with Your Baby

  • Monday, January 20, 2020
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These days you may have early booking opportunities for 2020. This article has been specially prepared for couples who will make a holiday plan with their baby for the first time and will become a parent in early 2020. First of all, please believe that this experience will be special and meaningful to you. your environment can express a lot of difficulties, it will make you think, but please forget this thought and continue reading our article. The first holiday with the baby will be great if you prepare yourself fully.

There have been many questions from families who will go on holiday with their baby for the first time. Most of them are similar actually. We hope that these answers will also answer questions that may arise in your mind.when a baby join in your family the list of items that you need in holiday gonna raise. The most asked question on holiday with the baby; Do you have a stroller in our hotels… Yes, baby stroller is available in our hotels. You can apply when you arrive at the hotel and fill out a short form and use it throughout the holiday. As a bonus, you can enjoy the view while your 0-2 year old baby sleeps in the stroller during daytime sleep periods. When you contact our holiday consultants to make your hotel selection, please feel free to let us know your needs. You can even report your reservation as a request note. You can get the details of the airport transfer service in your reservation package. Do you have a baby bed in your room or not, Special feeding options for babies after 6 months are also available in children's buffet, also there are baby buffet and healthy food buffet in some of our hotels. The basic equipment needed in the room is the heater. And yes, in all our rooms, water heaters  will be available to prepare baby food. Depending on availability, you can even ask for babay feeding chair in your room by asking the hotel can also ask for baby sitter if it is available in hotel and you can experience a special time period for a short time. Again, one of the most frequently asked questions and the basic need is the bath tub. At each hotel you can request a bath tub for your baby.

We have special “Holiday Consultancy” employees. They are just a phone call away from you to plan your special requests and surprise events with you. For 2020 hotel deals in Kilit Hospitality Group; 444 0 558 / (0242) 322 00 00 "Holiday Advisor" service, you can plan a perfect holiday with our consultants.

Let every day be a holiday!


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