Do Yourself A Favour : Visit “Crystal Family”


Today, Crystal Family Resort & Spa ,the first hotel of Crystal Hotels Group,  is with you on blog…

Among the destinations located  on Mediterranean coast Belek-Boğazkent area has a unique breeze .With  the first day light Belek beaches ,sand and color of the sea are glittering.  Crystal Family, sea front,as the name implies, is a family hotel.If you search a hotel that you can stay with your family and you also want your demands of holiday  be supplied,it is the correct address.Here is a hotel with location,areas,advantage of  being close to sea and various of activities. When you are planning your holiday for this hotel,do not miss especially Wednesdays.

On a day at Crystal Family you can enjoy the holiday with the equation of  sea,sand and sun ,take part in activities , taste different flavors ,see wonderful shows in the evenings and join the party.

When you leave the room at  Crystal Family if you want to  drink coffee in peace ,talk with friends or read book ,Lobby Lounge ,located in ground floor ,is a wonderful place. You can have a rest with varities of coffee and cakes in this place close to the garden. You take efficient and swift service from  cheerful staff at each area of this hotel .


When you enjoy the pool ,your children are almost next to you. …

When you enter the garden , you can find bars,mini club pool and aqua park together.In the same garden when you enjoy in the pool ,you can be sure that your child is  happy at mini club.There are super activities by animation team for our little guest all day .


You can see that our kitchen Chef Vedat Ergün presents Turkish cuisine and different tastes of the world at the hotel restaurants. Buffets are full of delicious foods.You can taste great flavors with the options of  Caretta Restaurant, Snack, Octopus Fish Restaurant, İtalianRestaurant and Türk Restaurant .

You can eat how much you want at this hotel ,because there are a lot of activies that you can lose weight. 

I also recommend that you should not miss the activity agenda for adults .I had a chance to join the air rifle shot(musketry)that was at 15:00 for adults.This activity is a good method for focusing and discharging. If you are a good shooter , you are waited for duel. 

In shooting terminology there is idiom “back sight,sight,fore sight”,mine is “heart,eye,viewfinder” .My camera and I go on exploring  the areas that I should share with you  .


I think Lagoon Bar  is the favourite place of the hotel.You can drink something ehere with joy. In this garden you can find the “gözleme “( Turkish style pancake) corner that I have observed ,our guests pay high attention during my hotel explorations. You can taste a delicous gözleme  and you can drink ayran and also you can taste kumpir(baked potato) from Mr. Rıza who presents cheerfully and positively.


While you are doing all of these after the day in the evening a wonderful party is waiting for you .You are invited for “White Party” at Crystal Family on Wednesdays.I also reccomendyou to take your favourite white dress with you for experiencing this party fully .

Everyone is ready and happy for the party  in the garden where you walk through the white baloons…You are ready for the scene shows of which choreography is prepared by our Animation and Entertainment  Manager Alexandra Gutsenko. It is a great team and the shows are visual feast.It is worth to see the costumes that are combined with their dances ,the designer of the costumes is Anne ‎Irina Gutsenko.


Coming Crystal Family for holiday  is big favour to do  for yourself and your family .While you are planning a holiday you pay attention the comments of the previous visitors for the hotel that you think for staying,don’t you?While I am reading the comments for Crystal Family I would like to share one of them with you.

 elifbmt/ Ankara, Turkey

“Holiday gains meaning…”

The first visit foe this hotel was in our honeymoon and we were so pleased that 4 years later we visited as 12 friends.:)and we came back as happy. They are really good at hygiene,food and beverages and favor etc… The service is swift and efficient.If you have a demand there is also someone to care .Even hotel manager took one of friends who became sick to the hospital   …

Eventhough we checked in late ,baby bed ,kettle ,milk and etc like this were brought in 10 mins.Naturally someone who seeks problem can find but we completed our holiday without any trouble. I think it could  not be  a coincidence that we can take service at same quality level.


At that night our guests applauded loudly Our General Manager Mr. Mustafa Arın who devotes his years to tourism ,Kitchen Sous Chef  Vedat Ergün, Kitchen Chef Mevlüt Doğan,Technic  Manager  Erkan Pancarcı,Food&beverage Manager  M. Sinan Böge,Guest Relation  Supervisor  Seher Serpil Erkman, Animation Manager Alexandra Gutsenko  and all their teams …

Then what happened at that night? At final our guests jump into the pool  for another beautiful day at Crystal Family  I think Yes you “do yourself a favour and visit Crystal Family with your family”


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