Do You Prefer Your Holiday With Chocolate Or Plain?


When we heard about  the  subject of today’s blog we were also surprised.You imagine how it could be smileyThis is the result.  You ; <Do you prefer your holiday with chocolate or plain ?

If your choice is with chocolate ,keep reading please. J I try to share the concepts that only the guests of Crystal Hotels Group Hotels could see  on blog. I assure you that  they have more concepts and speciliaties than I can share with you.

The news of tonight  belongs to our kitchen Chef Hamdi Yılmaz ;in kitchen not only good at tastes,but also with  creative ideas for presentations of the tastes  creator  of the different buffets .Again and again as always he was excited .He also surprised us .  Let’s see how could the projects designed by our food& beverage manager Ahmet Derin and our chef Hamdi Yılmaz with their passion and enthusiasm  for their job surprise us and the guests of  Crystal Sunset in this year. smiley


Chocolate Night Was Organized at Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort & Spa Hotel

"Chocolate Night “ not only for writing but also it has an ambience that is advised to experience seriously. .Pleasant,happiness,astonishment ,admiration  of their faces are written all of their faces. For that night Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort& Spa Kitchen Team prepared in a fascinating way. The ones who prefer their hotel with chocolate not plain were surprised for that taste feast ,they took photos of the presentations.

The basic policies of „Crystal Hotels Blog“    are searching who is the founder  of the subject and the subjects‘ history when  we share on blog with you smiley .Let’s dive a bit  into the history of chocolate. 


We Express Our Gratitudes To Mayas  ..

Yes ,Mayas ,signing to the planet with  their remarkable differences  also the first civilization discovered cacao .Cacao, was one of the favourite hot daily drinks that Aztec Kings could not  give up.

Europe meeting cacao with Christoph Colomb is only one of the information about history of chocolate .In 1509 Spanish explorer  Hernando Cortes discovering cacao and also brought it to Spain. When France met cacao they also noticed the energy that chocolate gave and decided to prepare a mixture with cacao .Then Frech David Chaillou with the mixtures that he made  ,in history it is also known that he discovered chocolate with those mixtures.At that period this magical taste that was kept in the court  In 1825 when  Antoine Brutus Meiner established the first mechanical chocolate factory  in Noisel-sur-Marne that taste was spreaded all over the world . Today chocolate is a well known taste all over the world. … 


Why Chocolate?

The moment you eat ,you are happy.The searches made for chocolate and the opinions of the experst indicate that :chocolate relaxes brin and it makes us happy . Chocolate makes brain release endprhin.This hormone makes us feel happy.

 We are sorry for the readers who can not reach chocolate easliy after reading JWe invite you to  Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort & Spa for experiencing a night with chocolate and experiencing a hotel taste like chocolate beyond the standards … 

Choosing a hotel for a holiday that you could only spend once in  a year is really difficult. With its luxury concept and modern architecture Crytsal Sunset is a comfortable hotel.It has  wide and large rooms and the biggest aquapark in the region ,11 different water slides,one of them “Big King Cobra” makes you feel utmost adrenaline . Although Crystal Sunset,got started in the mid of  2013 in a short time ; it could take Yeşil Yıldız(Green Star), Green Key, Mavi Bayrak(Blue Flag) and Beyaz Bayrak(White Flag) (the certificates about hotel quality)and it is a hotel awarded with  Holiday Check, Top Hotels and Zoover special awards.



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