Crystal Green Bay Completes 2020 Season with "Zero Waste"

  • Friday, December 25, 2020
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The year 2020 has shown us that everything we do individually has a reflection on the whole world. As adults, we understand the importance of our individual influence in order to leave a sustainable life for future generations. We must pass on this awareness to the generations we raise. “This world is our home,” says the Zero Waste project.


While Quality Management and Control Systems were set up for all of our hotel brands under the umbrella of Kilit Hospitality Group, respect for nature, sustainability in all conditions, was made possible with a high awareness and effort. This understanding brought special awards to our hotels every year. While completing the year 2020, Crystal Green Bay Resort & Spa in Bodrum has received a special certificate. Within the framework of the "Zero Waste" project carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, various evaluations were made throughout the season and were certified by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization of the Muğla Governorship. In the policies we follow for our hotels, we have always cared about sorting waste and raising the awareness of our employees. We want to raise this awareness even more in cooperation with both our hotels and our employees. In order to protect our existing resources and prevent waste, we examined the factors that cause waste in our hotels every season, as we are aware of the zero waste project. We have always reduced waste generation as much as possible with our determinations and measures, the materials we use, and the awareness-raising letters we leave as notes to our guests. At the end of all these processes, we have ensured that our naturally occurring wastes are collected separately and followed conscious attitudes towards separation. By collecting recyclable materials in special areas, our little ones made wonderful designs in our mini clubs under the control of expert trainers. While they were happy with their own designs, they also gained the awareness of recycling. We are also aware that wastes that cannot be recycled cause a serious energy loss in nature. Thousands of guests visit our hotels every year. We believe that we should increase this awareness together so that the natural resources we use, such as water, can always reach us in a sufficient and clean way. It means a good future for all of us that every guest and even every employee who takes this awareness from the hotel to their home lives with the same awareness at home. From this perspective, if you are reading this article, we would like you to join us and invite the 5 people around you to this awareness. We must not forget that even our individual efforts contribute to the whole world.


If we can include the awareness of zero waste in our lives, in our hotels, in our homes, in all areas of life, our efficiency will increase and our costs will be reduced by avoiding waste. We are all responsible for the future, our home, our home, with these deep blue and green notes that we will leave behind, and our wonderfully harmonious world. Being sensitive, protecting the environment, carrying zero waste awareness will do us good and make us feel good. When we come together at our hotels in 2021, we hope to take good care of it when we get back to nature again and freely. 


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