Sustainable Environmental Policy

Crystal Hotels aims to leave a clean and healthy environment to future generations with its sustainable environmental approach. In this context, we undertake to fulfill the following responsibilities.

  • To contribute to the continuous improvement of our processes in order to prevent environmental pollution, protect biodiversity and ecosystems,
  • To increase the use of renewable and clean energy,
  • To use our natural resources effectively,
  • To reduce water consumption,
  • To reduce waste at its source,
  • To ensure the separation and recovery of wastes with the principle of zero waste,
  • To reduce chemical consumption and pesticide use, preferring products that do not harm nature,
  • To reduce our environmental impacts and obtaining new environmental opportunities by conducting effective risk analysis,
  • To promote the use of environmentally friendly products,
  • To act with a life-cycle perspective during the creation and implementation of our processes,
  • To monitor our carbon footprint, to reduce it in line with a specific target,
  • To carry out planned works to reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by emergencies,
  • To support our employees who will contribute to the effectiveness of the Environmental/Energy management systems,
  • To provide trainings that will increase the awareness of employees on important environmental dimensions and impacts,
  • To make our Environmental Protection Activities a corporate culture,
  • To give priority to environmentally sustainable suppliers in supplier selections,
  • To ensure that our environmental compliance obligations are fulfilled,
  • To ensure that all our relevant parties participate in and are informed about our environmental activities and principles.

Sustainability Policy

As Crystal Hotels;

  • We act within the framework of Environmental Sustainability Policy,
  • We support local/regional development and employment,
  • We offer equal opportunities to all our employees by performing performance analysis, including management positions, without discrimination in the process of employment, advancement and rewarding,
  • We respect the working rights of our employees, we follow their rights in accordance with the provisions of the legislation,
  • We support the abolition of child labour.
  • We offer our employees the opportunity to develop and progress by providing regular trainings,
  • We offer our employees a healthy and safe working environment, and offer various opportunities to convey their requests, suggestions and complaints. We contribute to the development of our management systems by evaluating the feedback from our employees,
  • We want to make occupational health and safety a corporate culture by working with the principle of zero accident,
  • We attach importance to the participation of our relevant parties while operating our policy, and provide transparent information when necessary,
  • We inform our guests and employees about the natural and cultural heritage of the local area/region,
  • We evaluate all the feedbacks of our guests. We improve our processes in line with the data we obtain,
  • When planning our investments, we consider the risks of our buildings and infrastructure systems to protected sensitive areas, historical heritage, and the integrity of the natural and cultural environment. We prefer sustainable practices and materials suitable for the local area/region in our works related to land use, construction, maintenance and repair processes, design and landscaping,
  • While designing our buildings and concept, we consider the needs of our guests and employees with special needs, and adopt an approach of accessible service for everyone,
  • We contribute to the preservation and development of local/regional properties, areas and traditions of historical, archaeological, cultural and spiritual importance,
  • We evaluate and analyze the quality of product/service purchases with users. We act fairly, honestly and impartially in supplier selection,
  • We respect human rights, we reject all kinds of discrimination based on language, religion, race, gender and so on. We are against commercial, sexual or any other form of exploitation or harassment against specially protected groups and other vulnerable groups. We support measures to be taken against domestic violence and child abuse,
  • We are constantly improving all our processes with an understanding of compliance with legal and other conditions that we are obliged to comply with, adhering to our core values,
  • We act in accordance with the legislation on information security and improve our processes,
  • We invest in technological systems with innovation studies that shape the sector,
  • We analyze potential risks in advance by addressing our own internal and external issues, needs and expectations of our related parties, and develop them in line with the goal of continuous improvement. We consider the Risk Management Process in all of our business processes and aim to gain new opportunities.
  • In line with sustainable development, we aim to create pioneering, long-term value in the tourism sector.