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Ocak - 2016


A Snowball Fight for 9,000 People!

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

By the way, talking about snowball fights… There is one fight which manifested itself on top of all the fights that happened thorough the course of time and took place in Guinness Book of Records. On the day of January 12th 2013, in Seattle city of America, 5,834 people participated in a snowball fight. It is said tha [...]


To Catch the Rhythm of the Holiday

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

To listen to the sound of the waves at the beach; to breath in the blue.

To identify the trees, plants and flowers in the garden by their scents.

To feel the soil, the grass and the sand while you step; to understand the pattern of the trees, the sand grains and whether the rail you hold is metal or wood by touching [...]