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Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort & SPA

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Crystal Kaymaklı Hotel & SPA

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My Favorite Holiday Place is Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort

Hazal Somuncu / Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort & SPA

We have just booked our 50+ visit to this hotel. This is excellent accommodation. Hotel is 5 star rating and deserving of this. Hotel is spotlessly clean- the food is a varied buffet with two a la carte to choose from (1 free per stay per week). Lunch time buffet is equally as good at both the Waterfall restaurant or Phaselis restaurant offers an alternative set menu. Options are available for either alfresco dining, with magnificent sea views or indoor facilities. Good, shops, indoor/outdoor pools and free beach and sunbeds.

Gardens and hotel kept beautifully. When we first visited this hotel in 1998 the general manager Ali Ucas was extremely passionate about the hotel and its staff, and ensured all the guests were happy. Unfortunately Ali and his family left the hotel to live in Australia, both his staff and return guests were devastated at the loss. During the previous 5 years the hotel saw various managers, who really did not have the same passion as Ali. Fortunately now Ali has returned as general manager and with him bringing the enthusiasm and passion for detail. Many staff who had previously left the hotel has now also returned. Staff at the hotel are professional and highly attentive. They are genuinely pleasant individuals; not just out for tips. The Reception staff are extremely helpful and all speak English which in previous years this has not been the case.

For the evening strollers among you, there is a lovely beach front promenade for approximately 2.5km into Side old town, shops and restaurants. There are lots of steps on site, but also lifts to get you to each level which overcome this, so the less mobile can manage easily.

English is well spoken throughout the establishment and will not cause you a problem during your stay. The best Hotel in Side I know because we have walked the entire stretch of beach into Side and breathed a huge sigh of relief that we wasn’t staying in any of the other hotels.
The others seem to be cheap and full of screaming kids, with sunbeds packed close together on the beach. The hotel has nightly live entertainment also which is varied from musicals to live acrobatic shows. Lovely architecture throughout the hotel.

There are lots of conversations from my friends and colleagues about the general safety in Turkey and discuss whether Turkey is safe from an attack by terrorists?

My honest answer is, I don’t know.

For all the safety advice I can give, life throws up unexpected, and sometimes shocking, situations. Asking me to confirm that terrorists will not attack in Turkey is unrealistic. Just as unrealistic as if I were to ask you for confirmation that an attack will not happen in the UK. The British government state that in other countries, such as Spain, there is a high threat of terrorism. There may be small groups of terrorists within the country, the same as there are small groups of terrorists living and existing in the UK, but the general population in both Turkey and the UK just want to work, feed their families and have a good life.

So ask yourself what’s the difference between Turkey and anywhere else in the world?

It has not bothered us, we have our holidays booked for both May and August.