Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & SPA

A Holiday in Nature


Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort & SPA

A Unique Beauty Side


Crystal Kaymaklı Hotel & SPA

In the heart of Cappadocia


Kasım - 2015


Antalya; the City That Has Peaceful Eyes

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

Antalya; the city that its founder Attalos referred to as "heaven on earth", the city that has been a home to many civilizations since the beginning of history, the city that is warm-hearted, beautiful and elegant. It loves every person, cat and dog wandering its streets, watches every bird flying through its skies with compa [...]


Earth’s present to human ...

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

It can live for centuries not only stupendous but also aesthetic. It is inseminated via wind -borne pollens,with its miracles it is like an earth’s present to human. “Olive Tree” that stands for life,peace,hope,wealth,immortality ,many legends have survived.

One of the legends,the goddess of wisdom Athena an [...]


Journey To Far East With Harmony Of Water And Music

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Palace Luxury Resort & SPA

Feeling as if you were at a place in Far East with healing sound of water ,soul relaxing tone of music …When you enter the gate ,with its concept,the decoration of the corridors,objects,melodious music and its scent …

Yes ,a place makes you feel like at a place in Far East; Crystal Palace Spa& Wellness Cente [...]