Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & SPA

A Holiday in Nature


Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort & SPA

A Unique Beauty Side


Crystal Kaymaklı Hotel & SPA

In the heart of Cappadocia


Eylül - 2015


For The Sake of Flavor, Edict Written

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Flora Beach Resort

Today utterly different taste with its different story by  Crystal Hotels Kitchen Chefs who form the food into an art and present as an entirely visual feast as their tastes is on blog.

We listened the interestin [...]


2015 #Nirvana Coffee Fest

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites & SPA

If you visit  Nirvana one day  ,you order your coffee  from the patisserie located in lobby,you go to the terrace by exit [...]


Crystal Tat Beach Golf ; "Black&White Crystal Gala“

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Tat Beach Golf Resort & SPA

Thanks for being with us on the most beautiful days of the year .

This is the naivest way of saying thank you that I’ve ever heard...

Crystal Tat Beach Golf Resort& Spa our all department managers and their teams were on the stage Our general manager Kaplan Uğur Akkor already took his pl [...]


“Keeps signing to the limitless entertainment at Mediterranean Coasts..“

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & SPA

There are some hotels.They give more than what you expect. This is the hotel ; Crystal Admiral Resort& Spa… Like meanin [...]


Crystal Hotels #Fall Escapades

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

In Fall Cappadocia Exploration

Cappadocia is a symphonic poem composed by rain and wind ,history and geography .It is the unique present of nature with fairy chimneys ,underground cities and its valleys.When Time passes through day to night ,throught winter to summer , Centuries as if stopped here  


The most beautiful thing after wedding ceremony is honeymoon at Nirvana !!

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites & SPA

This star is Faydee, we had fun we almost knew the all songs  so it was a really entertaining concert  and hwe was also a very positive and friendly person.

The day before on amphitheatre  in  every evening  there was a Cuba dans group with their breathtaking performances.

And the day after [...]


Do Yourself A Favour : Visit “Crystal Family”

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Family Resort & SPA

Coming Crystal Family for holiday  is big favour to do  for yourself and your family .While you are planning a holiday you pay attention the comments of the previous visitors for the hotel that you think for staying,don&rs [...]