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A Holiday in Nature


Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort & SPA

A Unique Beauty Side


Crystal Kaymaklı Hotel & SPA

In the heart of Cappadocia


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Crystal Hotels #Fall Escapades

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

In Fall Cappadocia Exploration

Cappadocia is a symphonic poem composed by rain and wind ,history and geography .It is the unique present of nature with fairy chimneys ,underground cities and its valleys.When Time passes through day to night ,throught winter to summer , Centuries as if stopped here  


Crystal Hotels signature on Octoberfest

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

I have been publishing theme nights of our hotels in the Crystal Hotels Blog since October 2014. And I personally accompany to all their operation. Let me give you a little secret; all our hotels live the excitement every year all over again, do not feel tired, do not get fed up, just to make you happy, to let you enjoy your holiday an [...]


May be the most valuable present of life

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

Well, this is what we learn; “May be the most valuable present of life”. To make you and everyone you know have a consciousness. to realize life, to embrace life and your belowed ones...

It is known that people with this disease accept two options. They either take this as a present or loose their hope totally. Th [...]


According To Your Sign Which Hotel Is Your Choice?

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

As we know that astrology, since the world's existence, is a science to review the impact on the people of the planets and the stars on  people. Inductive and resoning over the symbols are the methods used in astrology.  Many of us reflect  the charecteristics  of our horoscope and believe in astrology. So, we l [...]


Fascinating City ; “Side”

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

With its nature and also its cultural wealth ,Side is an important and a special tourism city.Its rest stops,small shops that you can shop ,places of entertainments are in great demand.

Side ,the most important coastal town of Mediterranean ,has the traces of antique age.When you move inward from the historical and magnificen [...]


Earth’s present to human ...

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

It can live for centuries not only stupendous but also aesthetic. It is inseminated via wind -borne pollens,with its miracles it is like an earth’s present to human. “Olive Tree” that stands for life,peace,hope,wealth,immortality ,many legends have survived.

One of the legends,the goddess of wisdom Athena an [...]


Antalya; the City That Has Peaceful Eyes

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

Antalya; the city that its founder Attalos referred to as "heaven on earth", the city that has been a home to many civilizations since the beginning of history, the city that is warm-hearted, beautiful and elegant. It loves every person, cat and dog wandering its streets, watches every bird flying through its skies with compa [...]


Photograph The Snow Crystal

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

Wilson Bentley is the first person who has photographed snow crystals. Wilson Bentley has photographed 6.000 times for proving.

We can say that “Snow crystals are unique they are not similar to each other .Their structures are different from each other. now, we owe it to Wilson Bentley. His story starts with the microsc [...]


Calendar Pages

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

Today the generally accepted calendar that is used to edit the time all over the world is Gregorian calendar. Commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII, this calendar’s beginning date is the birth of Christ and it has been arranged according to Earth’s one complete cycle around the Sun. We accept the first day of the 365 days 6 hou [...]


Holiday Desicion!

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

In short, you can trust ladies’ choices gentlemen, especially if it is about holiday. Hovewer, if you say “I want to decide this year’s holiday spot” or “I am the one who always plans the vacation” then we recommend you Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites & Spa for a flawless holiday. You can be su [...]


To Catch the Rhythm of the Holiday

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

To listen to the sound of the waves at the beach; to breath in the blue.

To identify the trees, plants and flowers in the garden by their scents.

To feel the soil, the grass and the sand while you step; to understand the pattern of the trees, the sand grains and whether the rail you hold is metal or wood by touching [...]


A Snowball Fight for 9,000 People!

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

By the way, talking about snowball fights… There is one fight which manifested itself on top of all the fights that happened thorough the course of time and took place in Guinness Book of Records. On the day of January 12th 2013, in Seattle city of America, 5,834 people participated in a snowball fight. It is said tha [...]


That’s What Our Beloved Guests Say for Us

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

Palace - Wedding

5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 4 days ago

This is our second visit to the Crystal Palace, we really love this hotel, the staff are amazing, as are the entertainment team, the food was lovely especially the outside pool lunch, which was fabulous, Mr Lemi thank you so much for all your kindn [...]


Thank You for Your Lovely Comments Our Dear Guests

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

“Fantastic Hotel just returned (May 29 to June 12th)”

Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort & Spa

5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 1 week ago

This is our 3rd visit to this hotel the service is of the highest standard the rooms are always immaculate you can hold a party in th [...]


We Are Trying Our Best, Just For You

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels


I am at the hotel right now. Don’t want to go home ever.

The hotel grounds are Lovely, nice big pools, and very fun slides.

The beach is short walk away and works from 9 to 18.

The food is out of this world. Have a fussy eater boy, but [...]


Pokémon-Go Thrill in Our Hotels!

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

Just like the rest of the world, Pokémon-Go madness is thriving in Turkey as well. And in our hotels, our guests who play this game give us energy!

Pokémon-Go is our day’s most popular game which takes its roots from 90’s legendary anime. It uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology. We can say that gam [...]


Is There Anyone Haven’t Heard of #CrystalFOOD?

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

With each new day, digital world brings us the information we need faster and makes far places near. We are able to reach what we want to know about a situation or topic by using our fingers only. And there is no denying the fact that, before we purchase something we first collect information mostly from social media.


“Oktoberfest” Thrill in Crystal Hotels!

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

“Crystal Hotels Oktoberfest” thrill is here just like it is every year.

Held since 1810, the #festival's name suggests that it is an "October Festival", though it starts in September, continues for 16 days and ends on the first Sunday of October. The Berlin Wall demolished on October 3rd in 1990, the [...]


Crystal Autumn Routes...

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

Crystal Hotels offers you a joyful, entertaining, peaceful holiday, luxury concepts and different flavours. In addition, all its 14 hotels have unique locations.

In Antalya; Kemer, Side, Belek and Beldibi harbour the most special natural beauties while Cappadocia and Bodrum contain historical and cultural structures and natur [...]


Food Reliability and Its Importance in Hotels

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

With our blog post this week, we recommend you to question food safety and hygiene rules when you decide your hotel accommodations. In our hotels, you can watch cameras in the kitchens from TVs in restaurants. Like we said; We are working for our health all year and we are going to have a rest and a healthy vacation as well in order to [...]


Every Happiness Is A Great Success Story

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

“Great family holiday”

Reviewed 20 October 2016 via mobile

I went with my husband & 2 daughters aged 16 & 10, so many activities for both, younger one lived the kids club, they went on banana boat rides, a foam bungee run & arts/crafts. The older one did races in a g [...]


Every Happiness Is A Great Success Story - 2

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

“Had a great time, again.”

This review is from the perspective of a British couple in our early 30s.

I'll address a couple of the critical themes that appear for this hotel. Firstly, the staff. overall they are fine. They are not going to win any customer service awards but the vast [...]


A Crystal Clear Kitchen

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

OK, let's be clear, we all have many different criteria for the hotel we choose to stay, right? And we could't be more sure that, it is very important that the hotel we would stay in to have strong hygiene rules. We work for our health all year after all, why should it be different while having a vacation?

We, as Crys [...]