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Aralık - 2015


Holiday Desicion!

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

In short, you can trust ladies’ choices gentlemen, especially if it is about holiday. Hovewer, if you say “I want to decide this year’s holiday spot” or “I am the one who always plans the vacation” then we recommend you Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites & Spa for a flawless holiday. You can be su [...]


Calendar Pages

Hazal Somuncu/ Crystal Hotels

Today the generally accepted calendar that is used to edit the time all over the world is Gregorian calendar. Commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII, this calendar’s beginning date is the birth of Christ and it has been arranged according to Earth’s one complete cycle around the Sun. We accept the first day of the 365 days 6 hou [...]


Route For Winter; Cappadocia

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Kaymaklı Hotel & SPA

“Who comes Turkey don’t leave without visiting Cappadocia  !” said Mr. Christopher..

Mr. Christopher who prefers us as “Crystal Hotels” for holiday accomodations  and we have listened the exploring in Turkey.  According to his saying “Who comess Turkey don&rs [...]


Photograph The Snow Crystal

Özlem Cihan Kayum/ Crystal Hotels

Wilson Bentley is the first person who has photographed snow crystals. Wilson Bentley has photographed 6.000 times for proving.

We can say that “Snow crystals are unique they are not similar to each other .Their structures are different from each other. now, we owe it to Wilson Bentley. His story starts with the microsc [...]