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A Unique Beauty Side

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A Unique Beauty; Side 

Side is the place which amazes you with its natural beauty in a historical area. It is a fascinating experience for lovers of romance and history. You can visit the historical Gymnasium, Tyche,  and Theatre. In addition, I would recommend you to visit the Archaeological museum. 
Side is a gastronomy heaven with a variety of Turkish Cousine. At this point, we provide you variety of oppurtunities amongst the local tastes of the Side. You must discover the seafood. If you want to try the most delicious seafood dishes Crystal Hotels will offer you different tastes. You should try the chef's specialties at the Halikarnas restaurant in our hotel.
Looking for a historical nature in a modern life with an amazing food?
Then you are in good hands with our fabolous Crystal Sunrise Luxury Resort & SPA. 
After a pleasant dinner in our hotel, you can reach the ancient city by a 20-minute walk on the coastal walkway.

 Side is a great choice to feel the soul of the ancient city within you

Side, according to mythology, is the goddess of nature. The symbol of the city is the pomegranate, but the Apollo is known as the best-recognized sign. The temple is located in the heart of the city which is the symbol of as the God of light, sun, beauty and art that is called Apollo. This temple was a peripteros. It was surrounded by a colonnade on all four sides of the inner chamber. The frieze placed above them depicts the heads of Medusa. The best idea to see all of the temples is to take an easy walk through the center of historical Side.
Moreover, you should not miss the incredible sunset at the magnificient temple of Apollon. It will make you feel living in the past. You can even touch the historical ruins and examine them closely. Also, you can continue your pleasant conversations with your friends across the spectacular landscape at Sunset View Bar which has a gorgeous view in Crystal Sunrise Luxury Resort & SPA.

Let the sun greets you while enjoying the sea

The city, which receives millions of tourists every year in summer. Partly because of how wonderful it is, but also because of the good wheather. 

So, Crystal Hotels opens the door of the history during your holiday. Crystal Sunrise Luxury Resort & SPA has every opportunity to offer you a pleasant holiday. You must add to your list of places to visit for an enjoyable holiday. 
Are you ready for a memorable holiday experience? 
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